Monday, July 4, 2016

Free Stocking Stuffers

Christmas time is almost here!  I cannot wait for all the Christmas festivities and fun.  Christmas lights, snow, presents, sweaters, and the best part... PRESENTS!  Everyone likes presents, and they are what make memories with family even more enjoyable!

One of my favorite aspects about Christmas is the stockings!  In my family, we have stockings for all of our cats too!  Throughout December before Christmas, everyone in the house wraps little presents, and puts them in different stockings.  It is always so much fun to see watch my stocking grow and grow as Christmas day neared.  Than, on Christmas Eve, everyone was allowed to open up 1 present from their stocking.  This is probably my most memorable time at Christmas.

Stockings have been a huge aspect in people's Christmas traditions worldwide.  In some cultures, kids leave out their shoes the night before Christmas, so that Santa Claus could give them presents.  No matter what type of stockings people use, what's 'in' the stocking is the most important part.  

Our worldwide economy is still in a slight rut, and presents can be hard to afford.  An average of $650 was spent per family in the US for Christmas presents last year, and that number is expected to rise.  In total, over $35.3 billion was spent on Christmas presents in 2011.  That is a LOT of money.  However, some people go into debt trying to support their family.  Going into debt for Christmas presents is not worth the stress, especially since their is an alternative to keep you in the green.  Earn Christmas presents and stocking stuffers for free!

Using, you can earn presents from for free.  Millions of people shop for their holiday presents, but you can be one of the elite few that shop the store for free.  No more looking at price tags.  Buy and buy, all without costing you a cent!

Points2Shop is super simple and easy to use.  The concept is: earn points to redeem for real rewards from  Simple!

1.  Sign-up with this link:  Free Stocking Stuffers! 

Sign-up is super simple.  Create an account, including your username, password, email, and date of birth.  Also, provide a real address.  Don't put in a fake address, because your real rewards will be sent there.  No worries, I have been a member for over a year, and I have never been sent mail besides the rewards I purchased.

2.  Complete offers.  

This is a super simple step. Once you are a member, just click on the "Earn Points" to begin.  There, you will be shown hundreds and hundreds of free offers!  It is amazing!  I compare it to the amount of people in the mall on Black Friday- crazy!
Some offers ask for an email address, some want your zip code.  Remember to always supply your real information.  I made a new email account to use with P2S because I get lots of spam.

3.  Mark as Complete.

This is the most important step.  If you don't complete this step, you will never get rewarded any points.  All you have to do is click a green check mark by the offer, stating that you completed it.  Phew!  That was easy!

4.  Spin the Wheel O' Fun!

After you mark the offer as complete, you are given the opportunity to Spin the wheel.  This is a free game, which allows you to win some pretty cool prizes, like gift cards and merits.

With more offers that you complete, your point total will rise and rise!  The more points you have, the more free stocking stuffers you can buy.  It is pretty amazing!

When you have enough points for your goal, which in this case would be amazing Christmas Stocking stuffers, you can order.  You can order whatever you like!  Free Stockings.  Free iPods.  Free Watches.  Free Stocking Stuffers!  Points2Shop will than summit your order to that Amazon seller, and it will be shipped out to you.  Soon, your package will be on your doorstep, ready to be wrapped and placed in the stockings!  That was easy!

One of my friends has made over $1500 on points2shop in only a year.  Imagine how many free stocking stuffers you can buy with that free cash!

So get started early.  Don't be one of the 23 million people that shop for presents on Christmas Eve.  Start now, and start earning Christmas Presents for free.  Christmas will be here sooner than later!

Earn Stocking Stuffers.  Free Christmas Cheer.

Need Help? No Worries!

If you ever need help on Points2Shop, there are plenty of members that can assist.  There is a chat box on the left side of the screen, where members are able to help you with anything you need.  The P2S community is super friendly and nice, they can help you towards you goals, and offer helpful tips to make your earning experience better and more fun!

What are you waiting for?  Start today!